Aurora Borealis

In Aurora Borealis, lines follow a semi-random path across the screen to create an Aurora-Borealis-inspired landscape.
Randomized parameters allow the computer to put on its own light show, resulting in a different display every time the program is run.

The results of small adjustments to the rules are shown below.

Gray Quadrants

Gray Quadrants is derived from several of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings (Wall Drawing 365, Wall Drawing 381, and Wall Drawing 462).
It shows a square divided into four sections of progressively darker shades of gray, overlaid with expanding half circles extending from the bottom of the window. When the mouse clicks, the circles flip to extend from the top of the window and the squares change color (clockwise: gray, yellow, blue, red).


Hands is an interactive experience inspired by the horror genre. When you click the screen, a window appears with bloody hands slapping the panes.


Ghost was created as a self portrait.
When you click the text screen (“is that it?”), a ghost appears.

In a sense, this is a portrait of each and every one of our selves. I will die. You will die. We will all die. What we leave behind is our ghost.
This self portrait is part of my ghost.

The colorless color scheme is both an aesthetic decision and a representation of my crippling indecision. Interactivity adds an element of surprise and makes the audience work to see me.

Is that it? Yes and no. Peek-a-boo.